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Geevon Wireless Rain Gauge,5 in 1 Self-Emptying Rain Collector Monitoring Rainfall and Indoor/Outdoor Temperature & Humidity with Backlit Weather Station

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Wireless, Self-Emptying Rain Collector

Do I need to water the lawn today? How much rain did we get last night? This rain gauge makes a great gift for the gardener or casual weather-watcher in your life.

Whether you are tracking rainfall for your garden or as a hobbyist, having a rain measure gauge will give you more accurate data. Rainfall totals can vary significantly from one neighborhood to the next, by measuring the totals in your backyard, you will have relevant data that is significant to your area.

With the Geevon electronic rain gauge,you will be informed about three reading values at the same time: the rainfall, the indoor/outdoor temperature/humidity and the time of day.